Alhambra Solitaire


Alhambra Solitaire is a fun card game. In this game, you have to arrange the cards from the tableau piles and the stockpile to foundation piles in a suit.

Your task is to arrange the cards from the tableau piles and stockpile them in the foundation piles. There are eight foundation piles at the top of the screen. The first four foundation piles start from Ace, you have to arrange the cards from Ace to King in the same suits. The next four foundation piles start from King. Let's arrange from King to Ace on these foundation piles. You must pay attention to arranging them in suits. Unlike the cards in the tableau piles, the cards on the stockpile are not known in advance. So this is one of the inconveniences and causes difficulties for you. While flipping cards from the stockpile to the waste pile, you can absolutely move cards from the tableau pile to the waste pile. To put them on the waste pile, the card in the tableau piles must be more or less one unit than the card just turned over. This way you can easily discard unnecessary cards in the animation and use them for the next turn. However, you can only turn over the cards on the stockpile twice. Besides, free cells are also not available.

Come up with a smart strategy to align all the foundation piles. At the end of the game, you will receive stars based on the number of cards you arranged. The leaderboard will also record your achievements. Be the leader of this leaderboard.

Features of Alhambra Solitaire:

  • Single-player.
  • Simple gameplay, the operation to control easily.
  • Eye-catching images, relaxing sounds.
  • Can be played on full screen.
  • Playable on both smartphones and computers.

How to play:

Use the mouse to control.