Algerian Solitaire


Algerian Solitaire is a spin-off of the classic card game Solitaire. It is played with two decks of cards and has a complicated set of rules.

Ravalmatic has created Algerian Solitaire, a variation on the classic single-player game of Solitaire that will put your brain to the test in ways you never imagined. You'll be confronted with rows of difficult-to-separate cards that become even more entangled with each deal of the remaining cards, making the game even more difficult. To win, you'll need to make good use of the foundation piles, freeing up your Kings and Aces as soon as possible, but even then, you might struggle. Do you have what it takes to think through and calculate every move? Here you can test your wits for free and without having to download anything.

Move all of the cards from the two decks to the eight foundations: four down in suit from the King to the Ace, and four up in suit from the Ace to the King. The cards at the bottom can only be moved up or down in suit to the tableau, but Kings and Aces can be wrapped. To get new cards, click on the closed stack.